Monday, April 30, 2012

vC Ops Custom Dashboard Widget Interaction Reference

The past few posts have explored some capabilities of the Custom UI in vC Ops, including custom dashboards.  Please keep in mind that you don't need to use custom dashboards or the Custom UI to get a lot of benefit from vC Ops.  A lot of consideration went into the design and functionality of the vSphere UI and it is a very useful interface.  Before jumping into custom dashboards, take time to get familiar with the vSphere UI as it's very likely going to provide the vSphere admin with everything they need.

If you've worked with custom dashboards you may know that widgets can interact with each other.  That is to say, widgets can provide certain resource types to other widgets to display specific information on your dashboard and make it interactive.

The following matrices may be of use to you as a reference in creating widget interactions.  The first shows each widget as a provider and then describes the resource types the widget provides and which widgets can receive them.  The second matrix enumerates the resource types by receiving widget and then provider.

Thanks to the folks in Technical Marketing at VMware for allowing me to share this information.

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