Saturday, March 29, 2014

Publish an Application Director blueprint to the vCAC Catalog

This post covers how to publish you VMware Application Director (AppDir) 6.x application blueprints to the vCAC 6.x catalog so that users can request them.  This post assumes you have a knowledge of AppDir blueprints and have configured AppDir 6.x with a vCAC 6.x cloud provider.

Choose the application and create a deployment profile as if you were going to provision the application from AppDir.  When you get to "Step 4: Review" you will notice that a "Publish" button is available.  This will allow you to publish the deployment profile to vCAC.

Clicking the "Publish" button will provide you a dialog to set the name and description for the catalog item in vCAC.

You may now save the deployment profile, there's no need to deploy.  From the vCAC 6.x interface, go to the Administration tab and select Catalog Items.  You will see your application there and you can configure it just as you would an IaaS or ASD service blueprint.  You probably want to set up another Service type for your applications.

Once configured and entitled, you can now request and provision the application from vCAC as well as view application deployment details once it is provisioned.