Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Horizon Mobile - demos, links and feeds

Since the announcement at VMworld 2011, I have had some interest from my customer base around Horizon Mobile and set up a couple of calls with one of the Product Marketing Managers for Horizon Mobile.  She shared some great publicly available information as well as some feeds you may want to follow to stay up to date.

Also, at CES this week  LG demonstrated a 4G Andriod smart phone featuring VMware's Horizon Mobile technology.  It created a lot of interest.  Some CES coverage of the LG/VMware device here:

Increasingly enterprises want to enable a highly mobile workforce and at the same time offer a solution that is cost effective and combines the best of user choice and IT controls.  Horizon Mobile will help businesses create a BYOD/BYOM (Bring Your Own Device/Mobile) program that works for everyone.

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