Monday, March 4, 2013

VCM Server Registration for vC Ops vApp 5.6

You may notice that the vC Ops Admin UI (aka the VAMI) includes a registration option for VCM in 5.6.  This enables some really great integration between vC Ops and VCM, chiefly, compliance badge (part of the Risk badge family) and exposure of VCM machine groups for custom grouping.

For whatever reason, getting this set up is slightly challenging and to save time and frustration I thought I'd provide a couple of helpful tips.

 - Always use Windows Auth
 - Never specify the domain as part of the user credentials
 - Never specify the FQDN of the Windows domain
 - For a split install (2 or 3 tier) be sure to point at the VCM database server

As in the screen cap below....

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