Wednesday, April 24, 2013

vC Ops 5.7 Update - VCM Integration Fix

If you use the VCM/vC Ops integration, the 5.7 update may have caused a little problem for you.  As you may know, vC Ops 5.7 introduced the "balanced profile" for limited metric collection and scale - basically, this setting (in the Admin UI) tells vC Ops to collect a subset of metrics from vCenter, which in turn not only allows you to scale to more VMs (12,000 from the norm of 6,000), you may also see better performance for the analytics and possibly even more accuracy for the major badges.

Anyway, turning on the "balanced profile" with VCM integration causes your Compliance badge and results to go "grey" - this was quickly addressed by the product team and the fix can be found at this link... also fixes another issue related to time remaining chart not showing on the dashboard.  I personally didn't run into this problem, but did see the VCM issue.

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