Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Gotcha: vCM 5.7.3 Install on Windows Server 2012R2

Upgrading my lab and ran into an issue doing a fresh install of vCM 5.7.3 on a two-tier Windows 2012R2 setup.  On the collector server, I was having two issues using the "Typical" install...

1 - During the pre-req inspection, I would get a couple of pop-ups stating that "Sysinspectoidwmi" module had stopped working.  Clicking OK cleared the pop-ups and the checks continued no problem.

2 - At the Pre-Requisite wizard, I was unable to get SQLXML installed via the "Download" option.  A peer suggested installing SQLXML manually on the collector server, and when I did I got an error that I needed .NET 2.0!

Installing the .NET 3.5 framework on my Windows Server 2012R2 collector did the trick.  Both issues were resolved.

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