Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Captain's Log, Supplemental - HOL-SDC-1602, Migrating to VDS Using Host Profiles

As a Lab Captain for VMware's Hands-on-Labs (HOL) this year, I enjoyed creating content for the lab "vSphere with Operations Management 6- Advanced Topics" (HOL-SDC-1602).  However, I had to cut some of the content due to the length of the lab.

One of the topics I had to cut was "Migrating to the vSphere Distributed Switch" where you learn how to migrate using the Host Profiles method.  In the official lab guide, you will use the vSphere Web Client to perform the migration from a vSphere Standard Switch (VSS) to a vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS).  However, another method exists using Host Profiles and works much better at scale and ensures that any new hosts will be set up for networking appropriately.

You can find the supplemental guide here.  HOL are available here and registration is free and easy.

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