Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Well, it is gumbo after all...

 If, for some strange reason, my blog is still in your feed after 4 years of inactivity and you happen to read this I want to explain what's going on.

About 4 years ago I took a new position at VMware in Technical Marketing for the Cloud Management Business Unit. Hooray, right? As such, my work-related blog posts are now landing on the official VMware blog site. So, still doing blogs on VMware and current tech, just over there.

Now, in my free time I've found a nice hobby in retro computers. And I mean really, really retro - like late 70's to early 90's. I enjoy finding them in yard sales, vintage shops, online listings, you name it. Usually, they require some care to bring them back to operational condition. This is something I find fun, fulfilling and a reconnection to an earlier, simpler era of the industry that has given me a career and nice standard of living.

A recent (unsuccesful) attempt to rescue a Compaq all-in-one that had been severely water damaged. Got a working (I think) monitor out of it anyway.

So, welcome to the new Storage Gumbo, which is really the same old Storage Gumbo. That's the nice thing about gumbo; you can mix it up to taste. Tomato base, okra or no okra, seafood or fowl. It's all good.

I thought about standing up a new blog, with a more relevant name, but then I realized that would require time and treasure. I've got a perfectly good, established blog. And, based on most of the retro/vintage websites I frequent, there's not a high premium placed on "pretty" - solid and reliable information takes higher precedence. 

Stick around, or not, but either way I'll keep the old stuff here for the sake of posterity and who knows? Perhaps those old posts will find value again just like the old 8-bit machines we all love and cherish.

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